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CBCT Scan Referrals

The very best in diagnostic technologies in The New Forest

We have invested in the very best diagnostic technology for the benefits of our patients. One of the diagnostic items that we find invaluable is a CBCT 3D High Definition Scanner. We are happy to invite and accept referrals from other dental practices who can also benefit from improved patient care by using this technology.


A CBCT scanner gives a three dimensional image to allow a view that is just not possible with an ordinary X-ray. 3D images allow us to receive greater diagnostic criteria and therefore a more definitive outcome when deciding on treatment alternatives.

3D scans are usually used in the planning process of placement of dental implants but they also have many other uses particularly in endodontics. A 3D image of the root structure of a tooth can help when deciding why a tooth is not responding to the usual endodontic protocol.


Referral Process

We are happy to accept referrals for a CBCT scan for your patients.

Please download and complete the CBCT Referral Form and submit it to our team at info@drloukasimplants.com If you require an urgent scan please phone in the first instance so we can arrange a quick appointment for your patient.

Speak to a member of  the team for further information or to request a CBCT Scan Referral on 01794399987

For Dentists

Every year, Dr Loukas takes a number of dental practitioners under his guidance. If a practitioner wants to develop their skills or further their career in implant dentistry then they are offered in-house mentoring covering the full aspect of implant dentistry. From examining, planning and treating cases surgically as well as prosthetically. Different methods of collaboration can be developed according to the skills, knowledge and ability of each participant. Mentoring usually takes place over a duration of one year and the candidate must fulfil the minimum GDC criteria for practicing implant dentistry.

Dr Loukas is an official UK Straumann implant mentor and can be called through the Straumann mentorship scheme. For more information please click here www.straumannmentoring.co.uk

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