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Ethics & Philosophy
  • We aim for perfection and long-term results 
  • Every patient is unique so we customise each appointment to ensure we fulfil individual needs.
  • We always offer a full range of treatment options and provide patient choice.
  • We offer flexibility in terms of payment. 
  • Emergencies will always be prioritised.
  • We offer flexible hours and will open the clinic for evening or weekend appointments if required.
  • We are experienced in macro-economic dentistry. This means we will provide the options that will give the best long term results whilst still being cost effective.  
  • We place a great emphasis on providing a sanitised, fresh environment.
  • Our patients come first and we focus on offering a tailored one-to-one approach.
  • We offer full support through the patient journey. At every stage we strive to ensure we are providing the best experience possible. 

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