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Are All The Implants The Same?

All dental implant treatment aims to provide a solution for missing teeth and improve the quality of a person’s life. However, the quality and end results are influenced by a certain set of parameters which directly affect the cost involved. Looking at the various dental services offered, one can observe a variety of fluctuations in prices. In the world of dental implants, a higher cost usually reflects a higher quality.


Cost is determined by the following:

• A surgeons level of expertise or specialisation in implantology.
• The type of dental implants and other materials selected.
• The overheads of the clinic.
• The ability of the dental technician to simulate the final crown -bridge or denture work.

Particular attention should be given to the choice of implant system and other materials. The process will involve one or more teeth and the bones of the jaw, this can have a big impact on a person’s face so we will not compromise on any part of the treatment plan. Dr Loukas minimises implant failures or complications and provides a secure, safe medical product to our patients.

The selection of a dental implant system is a critical choice because it can have a remarkable influence on the lifespan and function of the dental implants. We use the world leading ‘Straumann’ implant system and Dr Konstantinos Loukas will only ever use the top end products from world leading companies.

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