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Full bridge based on X dental implants

Dental implants are a well documented, cost effective solution for missing teeth, providing a long term solution to common dental problems. The implant screw replaces the root portion of a tooth and is made of titanium. Dr Loukas only uses a specific alloy that is a mixture of titanium and porcelain. This material increases the strength of the dental implant and reduces the presence of metal. The implants are fixed into the jaw and the restoration is connected with a screw retained implant bridge. The structure is adjusted to fully restore the functions of chewing and speaking. This is a traditional method of implant treatment.

Treatment on four implants, especially in the lower arch, can be provided to patients. This allows an arch of new teeth to be based on four implants. The treatment is recommended for patients with anatomic limitations and with over denture contraindications. The implants are placed in precise angles to provide optimum support for the arch and complete stability of the fixed prosthetic work. In mandible (lower jaw) this technique has been successfully used for many years. In the maxilla (upper jaw)  we prefer to use at least 5 implants to get a good support for a short arch.



The first step will be an appointment with Dr Loukas. This meeting gives you the opportunity to ask your surgeon any questions and find out if you are a candidate for dental implants. Dr Loukas will perform some tests and decide if you need to extract a tooth prior to implant placement. If you are a successful candidate for implants, then we will explain how the treatment is working and a letter will be prepared along with a draft of appointments. A CBCT X-ray for this type of case is necessary. Preparation of the provisional teeth will start prior the treatment day.

The application process includes placing the implants at specific angles, with the two posterior implants to be placed at 45 degrees, avoiding the anatomic limitstion and at the same time provide a good restorative position.  The location of the implants are designed so as to provide better support and retain and facilitate the healing process.

When implants are placed, they can connect with specific abutments the provisional fixed bridge. The abutments are small devices that connect the implants to the new bridge. Usually the provisional teeth are acrylic. Dr Loukas prefer the final teeth to be porcelain and not acrylic for his patients.

Once the provisional fixed implant bridge has been fitted, you will be asked to arrange regular appointments so Dr Loukas will be able to monitor the progress of the healing. After around 3-6 months the healing implant osseointegration will be completely, and the permanent restorations can be applied.

What differs this method of treatment compared to conventional dental implants;

The “All on 4 implants” are unlike traditional implants because the 4 implants support the entire dental arch, when it usually takes about 6-10 implants to support a bridge. The four implants are capable of supporting an arch because of the angles with which the implants are placed, to the rear at 45 degrees which helps to lock together the implants. As needed only four implants, the process is faster and less invasive. The cost is significant lower. Dr Loukas suggest 4 implants on the lower jaw and 5 to 6 implants for the upper jaw if a patients want a fixed restoration.

  • It takes only four implants to restore an entire arch, the process is faster for the lower arch and less invasive with fewer visits to the dentist.
  • Provisional teeth are applied at the same day, which means that you will be able to operate with limited disruption.


It’s painful process?

The process is designed to minimize the discomfort. You may be a mild pain and swelling in the area after the procedure, but this can be minimized by the use of the usual antiflamatory tablets.. Most patients recover very quickly and usually return to work the next day.

Matching results with the natural dentition?

You are in safe hands with Dr Loukas, with his restorative background and collaboration with expert dental laboratories , you can be sure of the ability to work with you to create the best replacement of teeth,in colour and shape and not to be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and implants.

I need to be a certain age to this method?

General health is the primary factor for the choice of method in relation to age. If you are healthy enough for a tooth extraction it is most likely to be healthy enough for the particular method. As we will evaluate the oral condition, hard and soft tissue with any remaining teeth in order to be sure that you get the best results.

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